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Cpd Accredited Introduction To Financial Markets Course



  • Learn all about the stock market and trading with this course

  • Includes 10 modules

  • Bonus videos about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency included

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    This course will give you a foundation for trading the financial markets. This programme consists of 10 modules, starting with “what is stock exchange” and the different types of asset classes.

    Once you complete this course you will be able to:

  • Understand what a stock exchange is and why companies sell shares

  • Master the main types of asset class that are traded, and some of their unique points

  • Master the 3 main types of market, and some securities sold on them

  • Comprehend what the Forex is, and some basic points about currency trading

  • Understand what cash instruments and derivatives are, and also about different methods

  • Also Includes…

    Bonus videos:

  • What is a Blockchain
  • What is Cryptocurrency
  • Certificate of achievement

  • Programme includes:

  • 10 bite size videos
  • Multiple choice exams
  • Module 1: Financial instruments and trading methods
  • Module 2: Different types of Asset class
  • Module 3: Forex in detail
  • Module 4: The different types of traders
  • Module 5: What is a Stock Exchange
  • Module 6: Types of financial markets
  • Module 7: What to consider when becoming a trader
  • Module 8: Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Module 9: The Economic Calendar and Fundamental Analysis
  • Module 10: Psychological Biases and market rationality

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