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  • Get together with friends and take on the fun challenge of the escape room

  • Loads of great movie themed rooms inspired by your favourite blockbusters

  • Valid from 2nd January - 2nd July 2020

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    If you and your friends are looking for a good challenge and fancy the challenge of an escape room, this half price voucher for MoviESCAPE is perfect for you!

    MoviEscape has five feature attractions which put you, quite literally, in the picture. In each room you have one hour to solve its mystery. If you fail you will be locked in - forever! Well, not actually forever as there will most likely be another game in after you. Some of the props in these rooms were made by the special effects artist from such films as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Avengers, The Mummy…. The list goes on and all this adds to the immersive experience of the MoviEscape phenomenon.

    The first room, Haunted House is built using a film set from the owner of MoviEscape’s first feature film. The set was rebuilt and redesigned to look like a Haunted House. To add to its authenticity their team spent 6 months sourcing props from real haunted houses and some of the furniture in this room has come from some very spooky places. Your mission is to investigate the unexplained disappearances from the room and banish into the eternal damnation from whence it came, the vile demon responsible for these heinous acts before you become its latest victim.

    The second room, SAWtopsy believe it or not, is not their most scary game, (that is Haunted House). There has been a murder committed and a very unsavoury character indeed is thirsting for revenge. But against whom? And what form might it take? Let us hope for your sake that you never have to find out! While not our scariest room, it is our most grimy. This is a set, so anything you see that looks disgusting and dirty has been painted to look that way so there is no need to bring a mop and bucket. The inhabitants of the room would not thank you for it.

    The third room is Escape the Meth Lab where you play the part of DEA agents. The aim of this room is to solve a series of puzzles using logical thinking. You have triggered the lab security system and have 1 hour to collect evidence and cash (sadly not real money!) before the cooks return!

    The fourth room is Merlin’s Magic Academy. If you didn’t believe in magic before you play this room you most certainly will afterwards. Indeed, without magic, and plenty of it, you will never be able to complete your quest. So once you master the spells, become a witch or wizard of the wand, create magical potions and befriend the all seeing talking gargoyle that stalks the room you might, just might, encounter the most mythical of all creatures.

    The fifth room is the Sherlock Holmes Mystery. Here you find yourself as the last hope of a terrorised Victorian London reeling from the shock of the dastardly kidnapping of the world’s most famous detective by his old nemesis Professor Moriarty. You will find yourself in the actual rooms of 221B Baker Street, coping with pea souper fogs, cryptic codes. vintage maps of London all designed to lead you to the most dramatic of discoveries carefully hidden within those rooms..... Namely Holmes’ greatest ever invention, which in the last year of the nineteenth century will fundamentally shape the destiny of the century that followed.

    Terms and conditions

    Voucher valid from 2nd January - 2nd July 2020

    Must be booked in advance.

    Limited weekend availability.

    Not valid on bank holiday weekends.

    Each voucher is valid for 2 people only. If you would like more players, then multiple vouchers can be purchased (max 3 vouchers per group)

    Valid for up to 6 players, an additional 2 players can be added by contacting moviESCAPE directly at additional charge.

    Under 16s must always be accompanied by an adult.

    All participants must sign and agree to player rules and terms and conditions before activity commences.

    All slots are subject to availability at the time of booking.

    This offer may not be available at peak times.

    Can not be used towards parties or corporate bookings.

    Not valid in conjunction with any other offers.

    Cancellations within 48 hours will not be rescheduled or refunded.

    Game lasts up to 60 minutes. Must arrive 10 minutes before slot time for safety briefing and registration.

    How to redeem

    Please call 0161 494 2852 quoting your voucher code to book your visit.

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