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  • Hot chocolate and cookies all round plus a special present from Santa Claus for each child


  • Voucher valid on either 30th November or 1st December, for date and time selected only


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All aboard the Train To Christmas Town for a merry ride that will ignite the magic of Christmas in children and grown-ups alike!


This holiday rides features a cast of storybook characters including Wabash the squirrel, Zephyr the cat and Bumblebee the bear, all heading to Christmas Town. You'll arrive at the beautifully decorated Stanhope Station, where you will pick up your tickets. Here, you'll also be able to have a browse of the gift shop, or pick up some sweets for the ride from the Olde Worlde sweet cabin. Whilst you wait, the children can write a letter to post to Santa Claus or hang a message on the Christmas tree.


Soon, the conducter will call 'All Aboard!' and you'll make your way outside to be greeted by caroling elves as you board the train and find your seats. Once people and elves are all on board, the music begins and the train sets off. There'll be singing, dancing and storytelling from the elves and the conductor, who will come round and punch each ticket. Every passenger will be given hot chocolate and a cookie to enjoy.


Soon, you'll reach Christmas Town, where Santa Claus himself will board the train. Each child will be greeted by Santa as he makes his way through the carriages, and he will present them with a special gift each.


This experience really puts you all into the Christmas spirit! Bring your whole family together for a special ride to remember, and what's even better... get your family ticket with 30% off here!

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Once you have purchased your voucher, please input your unique voucher code into the website when booking your day and time -

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