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Katie's Family

Katie's Family

Where are you from?

West Midlands

How many people are in your family?


How old are your children?

Aged Six, Seven and Nine.

Tell us a bit about your family

We are a fun, active family always on the look out for activities to do. My children are 9,7 and 6 and my youngest is autistic. We try to find activities that are suitable for all my children and we are definitely fun seekers. Our family is far from quiet and when we enter a room everyone knows we are there because our children have big personalities and voices to match. They aren't afraid to explore and try new things and me and Ste love being pulled along for the journey.

What are your family nicknames?

Toby terror and Maisie Moo, fortunately the rest of us have escaped the nicknames.

Tell us a funny story about a recent day out

Our youngest son had seen his brother go to a Laser quest party he loved the look of it and really wanted to go. It was all he could talk about for a week. So on a Friday after school we decided to take them. He was so excited in the car on the way there, as soon as we got in the room his arm went up and he was petrified. Despite our best efforts we had to leave but it was at a go carting facility so he's decided that's next...

What is the families favourite game to play on a day out?

Eye spy but the kids often change it to eye spy some thing beginning with...then shout a colour?

More importantly, what is the families favourite snack on a day out?

Definitely Sausage Rolls ...there will feature heavily in our days out as we can't go anywhere without them

Last but not least, what is your family's motto?

Oh, that wasn't so bad after all?

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