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Cristina's Family

Cristina's Family

Where are you from?


How many people are in your family?


How old are your children?

Aged Six and Nine

Tell us a bit about your family

Hi all, we’re the Turner family from Carlisle! I’m Mam - Cristina, an Early Years teacher. My husband, Martyn, is a plumbing and heating/ biomass engineer and we have two gorgeous girls, Sophia who is 9 and Sadie who is 6!

We’re always on the go and between our work commitments and the kids after school activities its often hard for us to find time where we’re all together! This is what makes us treasure family days out and we cannot wait for our next 12 months adventures!

What are your family nicknames?

We don’t really have nicknames - although Sadie will tell you she’s ‘Baby bunny’ and I’m ‘Mammy bunny’ - stemmed from her onesie and my dressing gown

Tell us a funny story about a recent day out

On a recent visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, we joined the queue for the log flumes. We’d queued for around 20 minutes and finally we were at the front of the queue. As Sadie (4 at the time) saw the family coming off the ride soaked through, she suddenly announced she didn’t want to go on. We had nowhere to go, we were at the front of the queue and there was no route out without going backwards through the 20min queue of people. So we picked her up and took her on.... well, you can see from her face in the picture, she was NOT happy!

What is the families favourite game to play on a day out?

’First to see’ - Blackpool tower, Signs, yellow car etc

More importantly, what is the families favourite snack on a day out?

Depends who you ask! For the girls it would be candy floss, lollies.... anything sticky. For Martyn it would be some form of meat/burger, Be it pulled pork, burger, buttie or pie and I love a good chippy when we’re out and about!

Last but not least, what is your family's motto?

It’s not about having ‘stuff’ - it’s about making memories’

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