UPDATED: 23/03/2020 In response to the recent Government COVID-19 recommendations, we have contacted all our vendors to update on your voucher validity. If you have vouchers yet to redeem, we can confirm that almost all of our vouchers are now valid until 18th September 2020. For some vouchers, i.e. certain events and attractions, this may not apply. We will be emailing any customers of which their vouchers are excluded from this email separately. If you don’t hear from us, your vouchers will be accepted until the 18th September under this new validity period. Please check the voucher webpages in the first instance if you are unsure.

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£15 Cashback on a Railcard


Join Quidco for free and get £15 cashback on a Railcard.


You save 75%

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To buy this product, you will need to checkout at Quidco.


Join Quidco for free and get £15 cashback on a Railcard

Save money on your train journeys with a railcard through Quidco, plus get £15 cashback

To redeem, follow these easy steps:

  • Sign-up to Quidco CLICK HERE
  • Visit Railcard on Quidco
  • Click to go to the site and order your Railcard
  • Earn a new member bonus of £15 cashback
  • Withdraw your earnings to your bank, PayPal or as vouchers

  • Don’t forget to Quidco it! Shop your favourite brands including Argos, Currys PC World, Debenhams, ASOS and over 4,000 more, and earn extra cash on top. Don’t miss out. Savvy shoppers will Quidco it.

    Terms and conditions

    All information detailing how to receive the sign-up bonus forms part of these terms and conditions. It is a condition of participation that all rules are accepted as final and that the participant agrees to abide by these rules. Participation will be taken to mean acceptance of these terms and conditions.

    The information given in these terms and conditions is correct, but Quidco reserve the right to change any of the below without prior notice.

    The value of the sign-up bonus mentioned throughout these terms and conditions is £15.00

    The sign-up bonus is awarded on transactions on or over £20.00 (excluding delivery) through Railcard only.

    The sign-up bonus is available to new Quidco members with no previous purchases or cashback, who sign up on this page and purchase between 00:00 04/03/2019 and 23:59 24/03/2019

    A bonus redemption limit of 1000 is in place on a first come first serve basis.

    The sign-up bonus will be visible under ‘Bonus Cashback’ in account activity and will be awarded within approximately one week of a valid purchase reaching confirmed status. https://www.quidco.com/activity/bonus-cashback/

    The sign-up bonus is not eligible to be received in conjunction with other bonus cashback including the ‘Refer a Friend’ promotion.

    For the sign-up bonus to be awarded, the user must register through this landing page and complete a tracked purchase with the specified merchant via this landing page or http://www.quidco.com/railcard

    If a valid transaction does not track, the user is required to submit a claim via the support tab in their account.

    If a claim is raised on a qualifying purchase the sign-up bonus will not be given until the claim has been successful.

    The sign-up bonus can only be redeemed once per household and fraudulent or duplicate claims will not be paid.

    Quidco shall not be responsible for lost connections, miscommunications, failed computer transmissions or technical failures. Proof of submission is not proof of receipt

    Uses of personal data received by Quidco in the course of the promotion are subject to Quidco's new GDPR compliant data protection policy as of 25th May 2018

    Quidco cashback can be redeemed within the UK to members holding a UK bank account or alternatively by using PayPal or retailer vouchers.

    Quidco holds a list of account holders eligible for this promotion. Ineligible account holders will not receive communications regarding the promotion from Quidco and will not be entitled to receive the sign-up bonus.

    Quidco reserve the right to remove any account holders from the promotion that they feel may breach any of these terms and conditions or may bring the participant or the promotion into disrepute. This includes purchases that may be fraudulent or otherwise contrary to the spirit of the promotion.

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